1064 nm Wavelength is Effective in Clearing Onychomycosis

ClearSense utilizes laser energy at 1064 nm. This wavelength has been shown to penetrate the nail and nail bed to the desired depth resulting in heating that eradicates the fungus. The result is an increase in clear nail in a majority of cases where dermatophytes are confirmed to be the source of infection.

Real-Time Temperature Sensing Achieves Optimum Clinical Endpoint and Maximizes Safety

The ClearSense handpiece has integrated real-time temperature sensing that detects in the range of 32-48 °C. With both audible and visible feedback, this technological advancement gives practitioners instant feedback indicating when they’ve reached the temperature range that provides optimum clinical efficacy. It also adds an extra level of safety giving an alert to prevent overheating, which can be uncomfortable and lead to a blister. This safety feature is especially important in patients who have compromised feeling such as in diabetic patients.

Sciton is Dedicated to Quality and Reliability

Sciton designs and manufactures all their laser and light devices with the highest quality materials in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. With our commitment to building reliable and robust medical equipment, we are proud to say that over 95% of Sciton systems ever built are still in use.

The ClearToe Treatment with ClearSense is Fast and Non-toxic

Until now, onychomycosis has been treated with largely ineffective, toxic and undesirable therapies (Read more here ) that require either daily topical or oral administration of an antifungal or complete removal of the nail. No one desires the latter option and the former option has very low success rates, can be toxic, and is compounded with a lack of patient compliance.

ClearSense's laser technology offers high power and high repetition rate, so the ClearToe treatment is a very rapid, 15-20 minute treatment that promotes the temporary increase in clear nail in patients with onychomycosis.

Sciton's JOULE ClearSense offers Versatility and Expandability

Sciton is committed to designing and manufacturing laser and light devices that offer maximum return on investment.

With the 1064 nm wavelength, ClearSense offers the physician the ability to offer multiple aesthetic treatments in one laser platform.

Indications include:

• Onychomycosis*
• Warts

And without large consumable costs associated with other laser platforms, ClearSense allows physicians to keep the revenue they generate.

In addition to ClearSense, Sciton's JOULE platform is expandable to include many other modules that further expand the treatments a physician's practice can offer. Other modules that may be added and the indications they include are:

*FDA cleared for temporary increase of clear nail in patients with Onychomycosis

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ClearSense Specifications

• Wavelength 1064 nm

• Fluence (max) Up to 120 J/cm2

• Pulse Duration Up to 200 ms

• Repetition Rate Up to 15 Hz

• Temperature
   Indicator Range
32 °C – 48 °C